About us


Jesus Farga, Founder and President at FARGA GROUP

After 55 years of experience in retail of products of confectionery, delicatessen, restaurants, coffee-shops and catering, Farga Group launches a line of chocolates and cookies sold exclusively in its own shops , gourmet sale points and now, online.


Farga was born like a confectionery shop to ends of the year 50 when Jesus Farga opened his first establishment in Barcelona laying the groundwork, criteria and values of what in the years to come     Farga Group would be. A holding Company of concepts and supply products that operates under two recognized brands: Farga and Farggi. The group owns nowadays more than 80 establishments under the two mentioned brands.


The Enterprise culture of Farga Group has its foundations in the constant search for excellence, supported by values such as Quality, Creativity, Profesionalism , Commitment, Initiative and Responsability. Each oneof its concepts , from establishments to products convey the spirit of the Group.


About chocolates...


It is scientifically proven that eating sweets lessens the pain, because it stimulates the segregation of endorphins in the brain. When we eat a sweet, we feel better.


Perhaps Mr. J. Farga was not aware of this fact when in 1957 his first confectionery shop was founded in Barcelona which has brought us , after 55 years , to the launching of a line of chocolates outside the borders of the group´s own shops.


Its wide range of chocolate products made it possible to create a new concept based on the sale of elegant chocolate boxes with clear references both to Farga´s brand and Barcelona city.


Farga Barcelona Chocolates is a concept of attractive collections of chocolate boxes and cookies which are launched seasonally offering different colors , achieving therefore, a great dynamism because of its assortment. Fall, Christmas, Valentine and Easter collections are specifically developed giving Farga Barcelona a hard to beat identity .